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      "Independent research and development to break new ground"
      Release time:2021-8-25 11:57:30      Hits:468

      In the Longhu High-tech Zone of Huaibei Economic Development Zone, a high-tech enterprise engaged in screen manufacturing has enjoyed prestige in the industry and gradually emerged internationally after more than 20 years of silent hard work. This is the company invested in Huai-Anhui Fangyuan Plastic Co., Ltd., a specialized screen manufacturer.

      "This year, our company's products are sold in more than 10 provinces and municipalities in China, but also exported to the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Australia and other countries. It is expected to achieve sales revenue of 50 million yuan." December 24 , Cheng Yao, chairman of Anhui Fangyuan Plastic Co., Ltd., told this reporter. Today, through continuous innovation and independent research and development, Fangyuan Plastics has developed from a single production of rubber screens to making a fuss around the beneficiation industry chain. Its products include cyclones, super wear-resistant linings, conveyor buffer beds, linings Rubber pipes, loaders and heavy-duty truck tires and other fields.

      The polyurethane fine screen independently developed by Fangyuan Plastics can increase the purity of mineral products and increase the metal recovery rate by 15% to 35% after use. Polyurethane fine screen technology research is costly, and the overall one-time molding is difficult. From mold design to product formulation, multiple types of technicians are required to persevere in research. The R&D staff of Fangyuan Plastics lasted 10 years and invested a total of 20 million yuan in research and development funds. After thousands of experiments, they successfully developed this technical product in 2008 and obtained two national invention patents. Afterwards, the company first passed the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2009, and its products were awarded advanced key new products, and the company's development reached a new level.

      In the new plant built by Fangyuan Plastics, the reporter saw a number of workers assembling the new products they developed. Cheng Yao told reporters that Fangyuan Plastics has realized the formal production of the whole machine equipment through continuous improvement of the screen production technology. This multi-stack high-frequency screen is a new product of the whole machine independently developed by the company. After adding the polyurethane fine screen, It can greatly reduce the electricity consumption per unit of ore grinding, and greatly reduce the mineral dust. It has been successfully applied to the separation of metal and non-metal minerals. According to reports, after the product was installed and used in Shandong Longkou Coal Preparation Plant in 2013, it is expected to bring economic benefits of 60 million yuan to the plant throughout the year.

      Cheng Yao introduced to reporters that most of my country's steel companies and mining companies use steel screens, which not only have low product quality, but also cause huge waste. According to the statistics of total ore demand in my country, if all the multi-stack high-frequency screens with fine screens are installed and used, 220 million tons of fine iron powder can be recovered annually, which will protect scarce iron ore resources and reduce dust and fog. The impact of haze weather is of great significance.

      In late November this year, at the 2013 Intercontinental Media's first mining conference held in Shenyang, Cheng Yao, together with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sun Chuanyao and Pei Rongfu, delivered speeches at the conference. In his speech, he said that as a technology-based enterprise, Fangyuan has always insisted on the development and exploration of new products and new processes, abandoning traditional labor-intensive production methods, firmly grasping the core of science and technology, and focusing on the main fine screening. On the mesh and five-fold high-frequency screening machine, Fangyuan has always been in the forefront of its counterparts at home and abroad, paying attention to the technical content of the products in various performances, and breaking new ground through independent research and development.

      At present, Anhui Fangyuan Plastics Co., Ltd. has 17 national patented technologies and created 120 jobs. In 2014, the company plans to produce 20,000 fine screens and 300 multi-stack high-frequency screens, which is expected to achieve an output value of 250 million yuan. .

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