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    1. Welcome to the official website of Anhui Fangyuan Plastic&Rubber Co., Ltd.!

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      ABOUT US

      ----------★Global Mining Featured With Me★-----------

      Anhui Fangyuan Plastic&Rubber Co., Ltd. has been rated as a High Tech Enterprise, located in Huaibei H-i-tech Economic Development Zone, Huaibei is the "China Carbon Valley ? Green Gold Huaibei energy city. Fangyuan is rated as a High-tech Enterprise and achieves ISO Three System certification.      After decades of efforts, at present, there are three factories in Fangyuan, namely vibration equipment factory, screen panels factory and rubber screen panels factory. The products cover metal mineral processing, non-metal mineral processing, coal preparation, building materials and other industries, mainly including: multi-deck high frequency screen, high frequency screen, linear screen, classifying cyclone, polyurethane fine screen mesh, polyurethane and rubber screen panels, metal screen meshes and screen panels and other various screening equipment accessories.

      At the beginning of its establishment, Anhui Fangyuan has established an enterprise R&D center with complete facilities and a high-level scientific research team. It is committed to carrying out "production, learning and research" activities. It has successively cooperated with Beihang University, China University of Mining and Technology, Anhui University of Science & Technology, Huaibei Normal University and other large-scale state-owned enterprises in the surrounding areas to continuously introduce talents , develop new products and new production processes. Fangyuan developed polyurethane fine screen mesh cooperating with Beihang University. We worked with China University of Mining & Technology to work on reducing the limit of gravity concentration project, which achieved the “ Science & Technology Achievement Award”.


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